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Thanks to a grant from the City of London Solicitors’ Company, Haringey Law Centre is now able to assist people with their debt problems.

This includes helping people to:

  • Budget;
  • Check whether there may be any benefits or tax credits you may be entitled to
  • Decide whether you should accept or dispute liability for debts;
  • Negotiate repayment proposals with creditors;
  • Make a bankruptcy petition;
  • Work out which debts are ‘priority’ or ‘non-priority’:
  • Priority debts’ are those debts that could have serious consequences if they are unpaid.  Examples are not paying the rent or mortgage (which could leave you homeless) or not paying your gas or electricity bill (which could lead to you being cut off and taken to court).
  • Non-priority debts’ are debts which have less serious consequences if not paid. Examples are overdrafts, loans, hire purchase, credit card accounts and catalogue debts.  If you don’t pay your non-priority debts you may still be taken to court.

If you have a problem similar to one or more of those listed please do not hesitate to get in touch.