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    ADDRESS: Haringey Law Centre, Ground Floor Office, 7 Holcombe Road London, N17 9AA (Click here for google maps link)

    OPENING HOURS:  Weekdays – 11am to 4:30pm (access via telephone)

    PHONE: 020 8808 5354


    Even though the office is closed to the public during this COVID-19 Pandemic, Haringey Law Centre continues to work closely with the community.

    In light of these difficult times, HLC amended the way we work and the way you are now able to access our services. HLC thank you for your understanding and asks for your continued support during these difficult times.

    All new clients seeking our services must begin with our digital process as outlined below :

    Please fill in as many details as possible, to assist us in providing you with sound legal support. Kindly click on the link below:


    Client Interview Form